Who is LDRC

LDRC exclusively provides Private Dispute Resolution services in Greater Boston and Western Massachusetts. We focus on divorce and other family law mediation, conciliation, arbitration and special master (discovery and facts final) proceedings.

Why Private Dispute Resolution?

Private Dispute Resolution includes mediation, conciliation, arbitration and special master (discovery and facts final) proceedings. It is almost always less costly in time and dollars than traditional representation or litigation; and it is always less taxing emotionally. Many people enmeshed in the stress of divorce, family law, probate and other disagreements will benefit from a confidential, non-or-less adversarial, expert and compassionate process in which to seek and craft solutions, with the help of a skilled professional who have seen and done it before. Some cases just need to be resolved in a litigated setting. Most do not.


Who may benefit?

Individuals, lawyers and other allied professionals can benefit from Private Dispute Resolution, consisting of mediation, conciliation, arbitration and master (discovery and facts final) proceedings or other related processes. I work with parties alone (I always encourage prior and ongoing consultations with counsel) and with attorney- client teams in helping to move their cases productively towards mutually beneficial settlement. I work extensively with experts and other advisors when appropriate.


I am efficient and effective at resolving cases by mediation, conciliation, arbitration and special master (discovery and facts final) proceedings, with decades of experience in sophisticated financial cases, difficult custody and complex probate matters. I draft comprehensive agreements, arbitration awards and master reports, promptly and well.

Where are we?

Our office space is comfortable, private, technologically current and handicapped accessible. Our main office is at 858 Washington Street, Suite 200, Dedham, MA (near Route 128 and Legacy Place). We have access to satellite conference space at 36 Service Center Road, Northampton, MA (just off I-91), and we frequently travel to attorneys’ offices, especially in Western MA, to conduct sessions or proceedings

Contact Us

  1. Call me at: 781-708-4445 or 413-341-1017; or
  2. Email me at: wmlevine@levinedisputeresolution.com