Report on LDRC

During our first half-year of operations, we have been very, very busy, both in Westwood, and increasingly now, in Northampton. In addition to a steady and increasing stream of family law, probate law and small business mediations, arbitrations and interesting hybrids, we have continued to engage our community by writing, teaching and networking.

Our blog has provided an avenue to disseminate short, accessible comments on topics ranging from mediation methods to business valuations, same sex marriage and health insurance concerns. We were pleased that a recent longer piece that we published in Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly about alternative dispute resolution was picked up for re-publication by professional publications in Virginia and Wisconsin. That article is reprinted here for those of you who did not see it previously. Another longer piece on the interaction between mediation, and various Probate and Family case filings, is pending publication.

We have both continued to participate in training mediators, Chouteau with Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education (“MCLE”), and both if us with Mediation Works, Inc., a real pleasure. We have also been actively advocating for a Massachusetts family law arbitration bill, interacting extensively with the Boston and Massachusetts Bar Associations (“BBA” and “MBA”) on behalf of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (MA Chapter). We continue to teach other substantive law and ADR issues at groups such as the Family Firm Institute, MBA, BBA, MCLE, the Norfolk Law Library brown bag lunch series and The Association of Family and Conciliation Courts. We have also presented in-service discussions within law firms and other business entities.

We are excited by our development and truly grateful for the support of and referrals from our friends and colleagues; and we look forward to assisting you as we may, in the future.

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