Online Mediation/Arbitration/Master Services

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Time short?  Traffic bad?  One of you out-of-town?  Both?  Restraining order?  You just don’t want to be in the same room? 

LDRC  doesn’t confine its work to in-person meetings, because sometimes online sessions work better for everyone.  Using the latest in cloud-based videoconferencing technology, I will meet with you, or you and your counsel, or other participants, in virtual session. 

We can see each other, hear one another in real time and I can share all of my working tools – spreadsheets, documents or anything else on the web – thru easy screensharing.  You can do the same by using the simple screen sharing feature.   We can also leverage in-person sessions by bringing in other important actors online, such as lawyers, CPAs and financial advisors.

Online sessions can cut the wait time for an appointment.  We can “meet” even when I cannot be in either of my offices, including evenings when necessary.  Virtual mediations cut your commute times to zero.  They permit parties to speak frankly in the comfort of their own home or office – or anywhere else you choose.  When done, you can immediately return to life’s other activities – without traffic!

And, we can mix and match in-person and online events.

Ask me about online introductory and working sessions.  

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