Master Hearing

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Master – Discovery and Facts Final” is a process in which the parties seek an order of court that authorizes me to hear arguments, review evidence and “find facts” that a judge ordinarily would do after a trial in court. I will work with counsel to resolve “discovery” disputes, i.e., matters involving financial disclosure and other evidence gathering tools in litigation. I will also hear trial, make recommendations for a judgment, or outcome, of the case. I will write a report of findings that the parties then submit to the court for further action. This process can occur with the parties alone or with the parties and their lawyers present and participating. When counsel does not participate directly in master’s hearings, I strongly encourage the parties to have lawyers with whom they consult before and between hearings, in financial disclosure and in connection with document drafting.

As master, I will hear ultimate issues, interim or “temporary orders” and discovery disputes: all in the context of family law, probate or other matters.

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