June 2019

Going Down the Road Feeling…Fine
(Apologies to Big Bill Broonzy & The Grateful Dead)

A few loyal readers have reached out to me to ask why I have not blogged lately, and where the heck is the April newsletter, anyway? Humbled by the questions, the answer is that I have been both busy and distracted. Busy with cases, of course, but distracted also by an itch that needed scratching.

I’ve long thought that I would know when it was time to give up the work that has consumed a disproportionate share of my time, my energy and my mind since 1979. First, I had to recognize what was on my mind, then acknowledge it, worry it through and then decide: Yup, I’m retiring.

The last 7½ years of my professional life have been among my most fulfilling and enjoyable. I have practiced new skills, absorbed lessons, evolved professionally and, I hope, positively impacted a few lives. Private dispute resolution is not even close to “alternative” anymore, and I flatter us by thinking that LCRC played a small role in encouraging that trend in Massachusetts family law.

That I got to do it with Chouteau for most of the time was the truest joy. And, being welcomed by Barbara Nason and her wonderful colleagues into their office after Chouteau’s retirement was the softest and most satisfactory landing imaginable.

I will be wrapping up my practice some time between Labor Day and Halloween, depending on how some existing matters play themselves out. I will continue to work with new clients who are motivated to move expeditiously over the summer, but certainly understand that that is not for everyone. Certainly, lawyer-attended cases that take a day are two are fully compatible with my timetable, if counsel and parties think that it will help them negotiate their matters out effectively.

There are many people to acknowledge for helping me to have a four-decade-plus-a-little career that has given me and my family not only a fine living, but also a bucket full of chills, thrills and a few spills along the way. Too many to leave someone out inadvertently, so let me just say to everyone who may read in or hear about this: thank you!

Going out on your own terms is a truly a blessing.

I am really looking forward to this…

Have a great summer.


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