Part 1:
Time Flies

We can’t believe that it’s time for another newsletter. The months and years are just flying by. Despite the sorry state of the world at large, ours is very much at peace. We are working hard, playing hard with our grandkids, and finding as much time as we can on one of our new passions: working with an all-volunteer crew building homes with Habitat for Humanity, in Western Massachusetts. Balance in life is an awesome thing.

Part 2:
Alimony Questions

For today’s newsletter, we are highlighting a new, original piece below, touching on an aspect of the Alimony Reform Act about which we been recently ruminating. Since we are including this piece today, we have dispensed with our usual blog features – but as always, feel free to go to levinedisputeresolution.com/divorce-mediation-blog/ to catch up.

But, before that, please read Part 3, about a cause that is close to our hearts.

Part 3:
Photo Shoot for a Cure

We are proud to be a sponsor of Photo Shoot for a Cure, a cause and September 9, 2017 event organized and promoted by our own Diana Levine, daughter, mom and photographer to the stars. Diana is devoted to raising funds for Parkinson’s Disease research. The event is at District Hall, in the Seaport, from 6:00 p.m. -10:00 p.m.

Please see Diana’s amazing website here: www.dianalevine.com.

And, here are likes for the Photo Shoot event: photoshootforacure.eventbrite.com and https://www.facebook.com/photoshootforacure/videos/435408376852533/.

Please take a look, contribute and join us, if you can!

Have a great summer.

Chouteau & Bill

The Goose, the Gander
and the Alimony Reform Act

By William M. Levine and Hon. E. Chouteau Levine (Ret.)

[Note: to avoid a gender pretzel and to avoid offending anyone, the hypothetical clients in this piece are styled as a married couple of either or both male or female gender.]

Five years and many appellate cases later, the Alimony Reform Act (eff. March 1, 2012) (“ARA”) now has some meat on its bones. The more we work with it, however, more scenarios emerge that we had not previously considered; and we wonder if the drafters did either. One aspect we have been pondering is how critical elements of the statute address the scenario where former spouses “trade places” after divorce. In other words, the parties’ earnings change inversely, sufficiently to make the initial alimony payor a putative payee. read more...

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