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Top 25 Ways in Which Our Current National Government is Like Divorce Litigation

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

  1. Both can last up to four years, eight with appeals.
  2. Both can feel a lot longer – and the effects will outlast it.
  3. Facts are often “alternative facts”.
  4. Objective truth is aspirational.
  5. Memory is selective.
  6. Transparency is an illusion.
  7. Ad hominem is de riguer.
  8. Spokesmen never get the message quite right.
  9. “Zealous” is conflated with “blind”.
  10. Sound and fury signifies nothing…but doesn’t stop anyway.
  11. Ethics are situational.
  12. “Approval” is conflated with effectiveness.
  13. Volume exceeds quality.
  14. Yes-men (and women) abound.
  15. People want more service for less cost.
  16. Positions over-ride interests.
  17. The person who has the last word thinks s/he will win the argument.
  18. The person who speaks the loudest thinks s/he will win the argument.
  19. A good judge is one who agrees with the client.
  20. A good decision is one that agrees with the lawyer.
  21. Cost-benefit analysis is rare.
  22. Efficiency is a second – or third thought.
  23. Hypocrisy abounds.
  24. Victimhood abides.
  25. The best interests of the children/population often get lost.

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