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Monday, December 31, 2012

By William Levine

As 2012 dissolves into 2013, we at LDRC can’t believe how fast our first year has gone, or how incredibly fulfilling it has been.  After opening our doors on January 17th, two (2) jammed open houses, lots of blog entries, our inaugural newsletter, website improvements -- including the launch of our mobile site; and a case flow that we could not have expected so early in our history – with many repeat customers we have much to make us grateful.  

With both of our locations (Greater Boston and Western Massachusetts) humming, our mix of mediation and arbitration continues to evolve.  With direct client mediation and lawyer-attended mediation predominating, our market for private dispute resolution in the nature of case management and decision-making as arbitrator or special master is established and growing.  Our work in advocating for a specialized family law arbitration statute continues, with support for that effort slowly growing.  

We continue to write, to teach and to train mediators.   We will issue our second newsletter early in the new-year, and our latest article will be published in the spring.  Of course, the direct dispute resolution work that drives it all goes on.  As we do it, we are mindful of the pressures of and challenges to our society, government and economy that recent and ongoing events present to all of us; and we are determined to remain a positive force in our community in 2013.  

Thanks to all of our clients, referral sources and allied professionals for your support and encouragement this year.   We look forward to continuing to service you, your clients, colleagues and friends in the coming year; and we wish you all a happy and healthy 2013.

And, please keep looking in:  our blog is just getting started.

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