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Request a Free Consultation Request a Free Consultation

You may contact us by phone in Greater Boston at 781-708-4445 or Western Massachusetts at 413- 341-1017.

You may email us at info@levinedisputeresolution.com.

Or, you may email either of us individually at:

eclevine@levinedisputeresolution.com (Chouteau)

wmlevine@levinedisputeresolutioon.com (Bill)

You will need to give us your name, contact information and the name of the person or persons who are the parties to the issue or issues at hand.

We will then talk or correspond generally about how to get started.

Free Consultation

We will meet with you and the other person or persons who are the parties to your matter for about one half hour, to discuss the kinds of services that we offer and may serve you well. We will answer your questions and consider alternatives with you. We will also talk about confidentiality, costs, schedules, the pacing of our work together and the expected roles of counsel.

If you agree to proceed, we will discuss how to best prepare for the first working session, providing material to facilitate the selected process.

Who May Attend

Clients may attend the free consultation alone, or with lawyers, if desired.

How to Pay

If we begin substantive work together we will require a small retainer to be applied to hourly billing for work outside of in-person sessions for such things as writing session notes for the parties, drafting agreements and substantive telephone conferences between sessions.

We will ask you to pay for each face-to-face working session at the time of the meeting. You may pay by check or, for in-session work, by many major credit cards. We do not accept American Express (sorry). We are not permitted to take retainers by credit card, so these payments need be made by check.

We will submit monthly itemized billing statements for your review and records, that track the application of retainer moneys, in-session payments and payments made on account.


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